Radiant Orchid -Pantone colour of the year

Orchid – The colour of imagination and inspiration

Pantone is the world renowned authority on colour for all elements of our life to include fashion. This year they have announced the colour of the year to be Radiant Orchid, so I have created a colour guide for you using Radiant Orchid as our central theme.

Orchid is a shade of violet that hovers close to pink.  As a colour orchid is the combination of red and blue. Which gives it both intensity and calm hence it is a colour that aids imagination and is a source of inspiration. It is a great colour for people struggling with emotional or physical concerns. Orchid can be worn equally with the neutrals of black, white, navy and camel.

Orchid in the home is ideal for rooms were you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of life. It inspires unconditional love and encourages sensitivity and compassion. Orchid is an ideal colour restful rooms, healing studios and places of negotiation as it contributes to mental balance and stability. in the home orchid will be ideal as a scatter cushion, piece of glassware or even a feature wall.

As a healing colour orchid will assist to promote harmony of the mind and emotions. it can have an effect on upon the crown chakra which can aid feelings peace and tranquillity, however, whilst it can lift a person away from the grasp of depression too much of it can also have the opposite effect.

In essence, orchid has the similar qualities to purple and violet. It is, however, softer and more subdued and the effect is less of a pulsating energy and more of the calming energy on the wearer or the beholder.

The person for whom orchid if their favourite colour will be creative and imaginative. Meditation can help them slow down when they mind is overactive. They may be sensitive to the man-made pollutants of this world whether they be airborne, noise related  or visual. To many people the person who loves Orchid may not even seem to be of this world.