Red – The Colour of Desire


Red – The Colour of Desire

Colour is intrinsically a part of our everyday existence and often overlooked for the importance it can play in our lives internally and externally. Everyone has a favourite colour, a colour they don’t like, and generally an opinion of colour whether they are aware of it or not.

Colour motivates us in many more ways than the obvious. Red wasn’t simply chosen as the colour of the stop sign because someone liked it, it has the power to grab your attention. Red can also increase your appetite and excite the senses. Red heightens awareness, which leads to increased activity, so it is great for exercising in. Red is used widely in restaurants to stimulate the appetite, so don’t have red anywhere near your kitchen if you are trying to lose weight. Red is the colour of desire, which means it is great for moments of passion. Red can also agitate as it can be too strong which leads it to becoming an aggressive colour so remove it from anywhere you want quiet easy communication.

These are all implications of the colour red on others, if it is your favourite colour it says that you are an active person, who loves to experience life through all five senses. It signifies a pioneering spirit and can give confidence to those who are lacking it.

As a healing colour it is related to our base chakra. Which is at the base of our spine and deals with life at it’s most practical level. It is responsible for maintaing the heat and circulation of our bodies. It is related to the kidneys, bladder, bowel, vertebrae, hips and legs. Colour healing can be achieved by meditating on the colour red, imagining it flowing through your body as you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Studies have shown that sports teams who wear red win on average more often than teams with other colours.

The colour red is not a colour you can ignore. It is important to us on so many levels. How do you bring it into your life?

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