Selfies at a Funeral

Selfies at a Funeral

Yesterday at the funeral of Nelson Mandela, world leaders created an international gaff by not just taking a selfie, but being caught taking their selfie.

American president, Barack Obama and the UK prime minister, David Cameron both leaned in as Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt took a selfie of the three of them.

Was there anything technically wrong with this act. Well that depends on where you stand. Taking a selfie in and of itself is not a crime, nor is it the sole domain for the Gen Y’s, but taking a selfie whilst attending the state funeral of a man who has changed history, is unacceptable, un-called for and inappropriate.

I can only imagine the kind of uproar that would ensue should three leaders be attending the funeral of an American president, be caught smiling and taking a ‘selfie’.

When attending an event worthy of celebration, an inauguration or even a wedding it is acceptable to record the moment and your happiness. However, to be attending an event as solemn as a funeral and capturing the moment in this manner is distasteful.

Remember that when you are out, be respectful of the event you are attending and act accordingly. Not every event you attend is your personal opportunity to capture and celebrate with friends.

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