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For years now I have personally working with colour to support myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I am sure it is why I love talking about the psychology of colour and the affects colour can have on ourselves nad those around us. Lately, though I have been looking deeper and deeper into colour and I want to share something very special with you.

The alignment of the planets when we are born has an effect on our lives. 90% of the planet would know at least which sun sign they are born under, if not the rest. Did you know the exact time you were born reflected in a series of colours? They go through multiple layers but for a bit of fun, I have created a quiz for you to discover your own colours. Not only colours but shapes as well.

Without realising I had been surrounding myself with my astrological colours for years. Most of the artwork and soft furnishings in my place relate back primarily to my sun sign of Pisces. The image below is a mandala I created for myself when I started researching these colours and next to it is a piece of art which hangs in my home. I was immediately drawn to it and the other image is an indication, how, someone who falls into my specific combination of planets, Pisces Sun with Gemini Moon and rising would work these colours into their wardrobe.

Pisces Sun, Gemini Moon Gemini Rising

If you would like to find out what your Astro Colours are – Follow this link to my latest Quiz. If you have had your colours analysed in the past, I can explain how to make it work in your palette. Just because you might get red or orange, it doesn’t mean you wear any red or orange -always use your astrological colours in your own personal palette.

Here is an example of what it says about my personal chart which relates to the images above.:

The best colours for a Pisces-born individual are soft greens, such as aquamarine, mauve, lilac and light shades of blue. It has the circle form with wavy contour. People born under the sign of Pisces are generally constructive, honest, and generous. On the other hand, they can be paranoid with a tendency to exaggerate. Pisces typically cares more for ideals and aspirations, and less for making money. Pisces are not known to be competitive but instead enjoy their dreams. Neptune is the planet which rules Pisces and gives us the inner desire to experience oneness with life. It is the guiding force of our dreams and imagination. – With your moon in Gemini add lemon-green to your house or wardrobe. – Finally, your rising sign of Gemini invokes early-spring airiness–white, silver, yellow, spring green, pale grey and light orange.

Have some fun – Do the Quiz –

Once you know your colours, you can make them work for you in any manner which works for you or call me for some guidance.