St Patricks day

St Patricks day

Happy St Patricks Day. It is customary to wear green on this day even if many people celebrate this day by drinking green beer.

The colour green is very relaxing. It is great to wear when you are not just celebrating St Patrick’s day. Wear it when yu want to feel more grounded. When you want to feel more relaxed. when you are focusing on more organic pursuits.

Green is the colour of the heart chakra which is another reason it brings you back to earth and fills your need to feel nurtured.

Green is restful on the eyes so place green in your living area when you want to feel more relaxed, or near your computer to rest your eyes on when you wnat to calm your thoughts.

It is not an ideal colour to where when you want to bring about change.

Green is one of the largest colour groups in the colour spectrum so luckily there are many colour choices for you to chose from to wear and surround yourself with.

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