Stain Removal, nice and simple home solutions

With so many parties coming up it is always handy to have a simple chart on hand to treat any unexpected stains that you might end up with on your clothes.

I realised as I wrote this that it does reference a couple of brands, that might be Australian only. I am sure you can find local products that are quite similar.
Stain Removal Guide

I would highly recommend printing out this chart and popping it up in your laundry cupboard, or keeping a copy on your phone, so you know what to do, really quickly, should you be caught out and find yourself covered in red wine, ink or coffee. Just to name a few.

There is a stain-removal-guide which you can download. To see everything which is covered, I invite you to read on.

Home remedy stain removal guide

  • Beer – paint a paste of an oxygen based prewash stain remover such as Napisan™ Oxygen on the stain, leave 15 minutes then wash
  • Beetroot – put a blob of glycerine on the stain before washing
  • Blood – wash fresh stains in cold water ASAP.  If it’s set, use cornflour and water, for older stains try soap and cold water
  • Chewing Gum – put the garment in the freezer or harden with ice, scrape as much off with a blade then soak in prewash or baking soda, and sprinkle talcum powder on the gum to absorb it and work at it rubbing in circles
  • Chocolate – soap and cold water followed by soap and hot water
  • Coffee/Tea – Work glycerine into the stain then wash as normal. If it still doesn’t come out try soak in prewash or baking soda followed by normal wash
  • Deodorant – soak in prewash or baking soda, rolled up pantyhose
  • Egg Yolk – cold water and soap, then wash in the machine on a warm wash
  • Fruit Juice – normal wash and hang in the sun to dry.  For Apple and Stone fruits try glycerine on the stain before washing
  • Grass – soak in prewash or baking soda
  • Grease – dishwashing liquid on the stain before washing in a warm wash
  • Hair dye – dry-cleaning fluid or kerosene, or hairspray
  • Ink – rotten milk (Really – who has this?)
  • Lipstick – soak in prewash or baking soda, or Sards™ Wonder Soap
  • Nail polish – acetone then wash normally
  • Paint – Water based paints use methylated spirits, Oil based paints use turpentine.
  • Rust – CLR (more likely found in the garage than the laundry) or lemon juice and salt
  • Permanent Marker – Hand sanitiser
  • Sap – soak in prewash or baking soda
  • Shoe polish – Methylated spirits then wash normally
  • Soft drinks – treat as fruit juice
  • Sweat – Napisan™ Oxygen paste, leave on stain 15 minutes, or try Sards™ Wonder soap
  • Tar – baby oil or kerosene
  • Wax – freeze item, scrape off as much as possible, then soak in prewash or baking soda (see gum).
  • Wine – Fresh red wine – vinegar, Old red wine – glycerine, bicarb and detergent, White wine – vinegar

Have a very Merry Xmas, a Happy Hannukah and very festive holiday time.

I hope you don’t need to use these little hints, but if you do that they get you out of a sticky mess.