The secrets to looking taller and slimmer

Taller and Slimmer

Rarely do I ever meet someone who doesn’t want to look either taller or slimmer?

Here are my top secrets to achieving both.

The secrets to looking taller and slimmer are:

    • Wear a column of colour
      Looking taller and slimmer
            • an internal column – same top and pants, will make you slimmer and hide a fuller belly
            • an external column – same jacket and pants, will make you look slimmer, taller and hide your hips.
  • Wear similar colours head to toe to include hosiery and shoes
  • Avoid cuffs on trousers
  • Avoid contrasting shoes and pants or skirts
  • Wear finer fabrics
  • Avoid chunky knits
  • Wear your ideal colours
  • Wear your ideal level of contrast
  • Wear your clothes at the right length for your arms and legs
  • Wear clothes which fit you properly
  • Wear darker colours over the areas you wish to conceal
  • Wear lighter brighter colours over the areas you wish to reveal
  • Keep an element of ‘air’ n your clothes – leave a margin of movement
  • Wear jewellery in your personal scale or larger
  • Avoid repetitive prints
  • Wear prints encompassing large and small elements
  • Keep focus on your face and away from your feet or thighs
  • Carry a mid-size to large handbag
  • Shorter necklaces
  • Long jackets worn open with high heels

I found as soon as I started wearing my correct colours and the styles which suited me, friends still thought I had lost weight when in fact I had gained a considerable amount a few years back. I love being an image consultant. I work magic with the appearance of men and women’s bodies daily.

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