Top and Tailing

Top and Tailing

As you will know where you place colour can have a huge impact on whether it works or not and where it can take your eye to. This is also called Visual Grouping. As the placement of a colour can bring harmony to an entire outfit or completely throw it out. Generally speaking the focus should be on your face. So everything that you place on your body needs to direct the eye backup to your face.

Consider the fashionable nude shoe. It looks amazing on a blonde as the light shoe reinforces the light hair. I personally find the nude shoe not so great for a brunette, unless they want to extend their leg line. There is no harmony with the shoe though.

Just as a blonde wearing a black shoe with a coloured dress is out of harmony. There is no where for the eye to go to pick up the colour. So the effect is that the eye stays low on the outfit especially if the dark colour is noticeable.

With this in mind, staple shoes for a brunette are black, for a red head are bronze and for a blonde are nude.

Top & tailing 2If you look at these two images. The top one is the original footwear the models were wearing. I think only the first model was styled correctly.

In the image below you will notice when I changed everyones shoes around, while the light blue shoes work on the blonde, the rest of the  girls, in my opinion, look much better. This is especially more noticeable after I have removed their facial features. The hair becomes a greater feature.Top and Tailing

It is my belief that everyone’s nude or should I say neutral shoe be their hair colour.

Brunettes look best in black and dark shoes.

Blonde’s look best skin tone, light shoes and silver or gold(depending on whether their hair is ash or golden blonde.)

Red heads glow in bronze, amber and gold shoes.

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