Triadic Colour

Primary & Secondary Triadic Fashiontriads

If you have colouring which lends its self to one of the triadic colour groups, you can wear any of the triads. In this case, it is any even combination of three colours. Just remember, when you do it. Ideally, the third colour should be in a very small element of the entire outfit. No more than two pieces.

Remember when I spoke about personal colouring a few months ago here.

Well, this is the final part of the puzzle. These colour schemes work best on men and woman with red/auburn/golden blonde hair and who have blue or green eyes. The blonde haired blue eyed people will suit the primary triads and the green eyed red heads will favour the secondary triadic schemes.

Triadic fashion combinations
If you would like to read all of my notes on colour you can get the workbook here.