Upcoming Classic Personality Style Trend and Capsule Report

Every year, at this time of year we get excited about the upcoming trends. In the southern hemisphere it is our Spring Summer and in the northern hemisphere, it is your Autumn Winter. This week I am going to feature what each of my 6 main female personalities will be looking out for. Normally I only post 3 times a week. To get everyone’s style out to them I am going to upload a new personality every day.

Today I share with you the classic woman and what the upcoming trends will mean for her.

As a Classic you are not really defined by trends and I hate to say it, but this year is going to be challenging for you as fashion has gone wild. With that in mind, there is always something for someone. In summer the shift dress and open shoulder you will be comfortable with and in winter, opt for velvet over suede.

Spring Summer for the Southern Hemisphere

Classic spring summer capsule


Autumn Winter for the northern hemisphere

Classic Autumn winter wardrobe capsule


If you are not sure exactly which personality is your take this quiz to discover what is your style and this quiz to understand how you like to wear colour

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