Upcoming Creative Personality Style Trend and Capsule Report 2016

As I work through all of the personality styles today I share with you the creative woman and what the upcoming trends will mean for her.

As a Creative your year is now. Winter is especially kind to you as minimalism is over and maximalism is here. Riots of colours, layers, prints and designs. It is finally your home turf we are wading into.

You rarely follow trends as you create your own. But you will in all likelihood love the off the shoulder tops for summer and the baroque styles of velvet and cinched waists with over the top belts for winter.

Spring Summer for the Southern Hemisphere

Creative Spring summer capsule


Autumn Winter for the northern hemisphere

Creative Autumn Winter Capsule


If you are not sure exactly which personality is your take this quiz to discover what is your style and this quiz to understand how you like to wear colour

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