Upcoming Feminine Personality Style Trend and Capsule Report 2016

As I work through all of the personality styles today I share with you the feminine woman and what the upcoming trends will mean for her.

As a Romantic Soul, you will drape yourself in clothing that looks and feels wonderful. You will be happiest in clothing which is distinctly feminine. As we move into Summer you will love the feeling of open shoulders and crisp cottons and embrace the luxury of lace shifts. If you are entering winter in the northern hemisphere, you probably won’t embrace the military looks or the deep dark florals but the luxury of velvet will entrance you.

Spring Summer for the Southern Hemisphere

Feminine spring summer capsule


Autumn Winter for the northern hemisphere

Feminine autumn winter capsule


If you are not sure exactly which personality is your take this quiz to discover what is your style and this quiz to understand how you like to wear colour

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