Valentine Style

Valentine Style

Valentine’s day February 14th, is the day for lovers. It is a day to spend with the one you love or let someone know you love them. There are many sample clothing tips you can do that will add fire to your evening.

If you want to get close to that someone special have a read through my following suggestions to help incite a night of passion and romance.

Ladies, exposed shoulders are enticing, more so than having your cleavage hanging out. Wearing colours will work better than wearing black and white. Shades or red will fire him up. You can do this either in your clothing, your accessories or your lipstick. If you can, add a bow, he will be itching to open his present…if the night is heading in that direction. Lastly make sure your clothing and accessories welcome touch, You don’t want him too afraid to touch you or hold you. Something like wool, mohair, cashmere or silk will have him hanging on to you.

Gentlemen, the same goes with fabrics for you. Something she will want to be encircled in is lovely. Lose the business shirt, wear something with colour, a little less formal and much more friendly. Your ideal colours are red or pink, but if they are not your thing shades of blue are safe and trusting. Finally make sure you wear a blazer or jacket. That way you can put it over her shoulders if the night is chilly.

If you are staying in, turn the telly off, the music up, the lights down and enjoy where the night make take you.

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