Warm Colouring

As discussed in the original cool post, warm and cool these should be easy to distinguish. It is important in these cases to notice the temperature of the colour before you see anything else.

These colours are warm.

Warm colouring


The men and woman with warm colouring will look rich and soft. There is a warmth to their image. Oranges, teal, khaki and golden browns will look glorious on them.

diana-warmPolyvore image by Diana Lambert – a student from her final colour assignment. When you open your wardrobe, this is the overall feeling that you want to get. Diana lives nad works in Adelaide, Contact her if you would like to know more about which colours suit you.

Best Colours; Warm everything. Warm browns, golds, oranges, blue and greens.

Hair tones will be golden or honey blonde, golden or fish brown, all of the red heads and warm grey. Most warm women will not grey well. It can look quite dirty.

Your eyes might have gold flecks.

Best Jewellery -You will suit warm golds, yellow golds and platinums.

Best Neutrals -Most neutrals will suit you as warm colours lend themselves to neutral as opposed to the cools where reds, pinks, blues and greens, which are not truly neutral look great.

Famous Warms are Julianne Moore, Debra Messing, Isla Fisher

Men can also look amazing in warm colours.

Spicy male
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