What does Business Smart or Dress Code Level 3 mean?

At level 3 you are wearing everyday smart clothes to work. They are neither still and ready for formal meetings, nor are they your Casual Friday wear. This is what I think of as your everyday work wardrobe. A jacket is not required. Neither is a tie for men nor hosiery for women.

business level 3


Some tips I give here are:

Separate your casual and work clothes so that you get into your work mindset in the office and can enjoy the freedom of not being at work both physically and mentally in your other clothes.

Keep it smart, not relaxed

This level of dressing can be one of the trickiest levels to carry off successfully. Once they know they don’t have to wear their suit or jacket to work, many men and women end up looking way too relaxed in their style of dressing for the job. The introduction of casual Friday can create an even greater degree of confusion. Casual dressing does not mean jeans and T-shirts. That style of dressing should only be for your time outside of work. It does not fit into the corporate market.

Making it Work

The smart-casual outfit does not require a jacket.

A two-piece outfit without a jacket.

Coordinate clothing and accessories with similar colour and texture.

Jackets should be loose and unconstructed.

Business dress code level 3


Overall Impression

Accessible, friendly, team player, original, competent and creative.

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