What does the Classic Woman look like

General description

This woman is of medium height. She has well-balancedClassic Woman features and is more conservative in nature. Classics are often cautious in nature and seen as very elegant. Their clothing is impeccably maintained and will not date quickly. This woman will have grace and style about her.

Challenges – Casual Friday and relaxed casual. She is great at dressing smart and being very relaxed, but the middle ground confuses her.

Perceived Personality style  Negotiator, Perfectionist, Controlled. She expects everything to be handled properly.  You can feel boring and like nothing ever changes for you. Guess what? It doesn’t, so enjoy who you are and embrace it.

Hair and Make-up

Hair is always well cut, nothing extreme and elegantly styled. It is more often shoulder length than extremely short or long. Younger classics will opt for a sleekly styled longer look until they cut it into their trademark shoulder length bob. Hair may be highlighted but the colours will be rich and elegant. Highlights will be natural and well blended.

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