What does the Creative Woman look like?

General Description

You walk your own line. You are not to be dictated to by convention or fashion magazines. YouCreative Woman will delight in wearing a variety of colour and styles that reflect your moods and personality. You will be attracted to anything unusual and wear an eclectic mix that if anyone else tries to copy you they would fail miserably.

Challenges – Conforming, suits, being conservative, being regimented, wearing a uniform. You really don’t like being told what to do.

Perceived Personality Style – Fun loving, easy going, individual and able to look at things in a different way. You know who you are. The only time you may question your appearance is if you feel it is hindering something that YOU really want to do. Otherwise, you are fine.

Hair and Make-up

You can range from flowing looks like the feminine only yours will be wild and uncontrolled to very short and dramatic looks. Colour will be something you experiment with and may have nothing to do with your personal colouring.  You should play up your eyes with dramatic kohl liner, avoid black or you may start looking gothic. If you downplay your eyes you can play up your lips in the brightest colours available in your palette. Remember it can look overdone to have dark eyes and lips although if anyone can pull it off successfully it will be the creative.

To read more about the Creative woman, her style, the fabrics she chooses, how she incorporates the other personalities into her look and how to create a capsule for her. Read my Every Woman’s Guide to Personalities here.


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