What does the Elegant Chic Woman Look Like

General Description

Elegant Chic Woman
Elegant Chic Woman

The woman who is Elegant Chic is a mix of the simplicity of Classic with the defined style of the Feminine and the casual elegance of Natural. She prefers quality of quantity and will avoid the flamboyance of fast fashion for the lasting natural of Classicism.

Challenges – Feeling modern and fashionable. Invariably you will get tired of your look but as much as you try something new it will lay dormant in your wardrobe as you comfortably return to your inherent style.

Perceived personality: Aloof and untouchable while willing to help charitably. She is successful or comes from old money. She is dignified and is not trying to be anyone else. She knows her style.

Hair and Make-up

Your hair will range from a short to a long bob and your colour will vary from a soft golden blonde to rich medium brown. You will apply your make every day in an expert and very subtle manner. You will ensure you always look good, with the minimum of fuss, a minimum of effort and a maximum of effect.

To read more about the Elegant Chic woman, her style, the fabrics she chooses, how she incorporates the other personalities into her look and how to create a capsule for her. Read my Every Woman’s Guide to Personalities here.


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