What does The Feminine Woman Look Like?

General description

Feminine Woman
Feminine Woman

The feminine personality dresser is distinctly womanly and sometimes romantic in her appearance. There is nothing masculine, sharp or hard in her finish. Feminine women will take the time to attend to the smallest detail of their outfit. They will have soft features and soft lines to their body. Scarlet O’Hara is the goddess of all feminine women.

Challenges – sharp restricting clothing, anything too tight. She will hate wearing a suit and will rarely wear jeans. especially the hard unforgiving denim of old.

Perceived Personality Style She is friendly, polished, focused on finer details, may appear soft but has a strong backbone. She is the hostess, a giver of care and will welcome everyone to her home.

Hair and Make-up

Pretty is the only way to describe a feminine woman. She has delicate, evenly balanced features. Her hair is never short. It is either a soft bob, at its shortest or a long mane of wavy hair which can be worn up in all manner of elegant or sexy styles. Feminine woman will often retain their hair and make-up not just for years but decades, be aware that you are not falling into an age trap where what was once beautiful is now tragic. She will always have her lipstick on and will have touch up make-up in her purse.

To read more about the Feminine woman, her style, the fabrics she chooses, how she incorporates the other personalities into her look and how to create a capsule for her. Read my Every Woman’s Guide to Personalities here.


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