What does the Natural Woman look like?

General Description

The Natural Woman
The Natural Woman

Comfort is most important to you. The idea of squeezing into restrictive clothing is not for you. Jeans and pants are preferable to suits, skirts and dresses, Casual Friday is your favourite day of the work week, natural fibres and casual fit are more important than looking good. You are very down to earth and matter of fact in your approach to life.

Challenges – wearing make-up, stockings, skirts and high heels.

Perceived Personality Style Determined, no nonsense, matter of fact, straight to the point. People don’t expect you to mince your words and they may expect you to be tougher internally than you truly are. They might see you as being very independent.

Hair and Make-up

Less is truly more for you. No fuss and bother for you. If your hair is long it will be generally straight and will be worn in a no fuss manner. Shorter cuts for you will require that it will be almost a shake and go finish. Naturals with curl and wave are the luckiest as their hair will hold volume without the use of sprays and gels. Straight haired naturals have to be careful of not looking limp.

There is no fuss with the naturals make-up either. In many cases the natural will only wear a lip gloss and maybe some mascara. In a corporate role you may require more make-up to give your face some depth.

To read more about the Natural woman, her style, the fabrics she chooses, how she incorporates the other personalities into her look and how to create a capsule for her. Read my Every Woman’s Guide to Personalities here.

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