What does the Rebellious Woman look like?

General Description

The Rebellious Woman
The Rebellious Woman

Rebellion may not necessarily be first and foremost on your mind but fitting in is not. You really don’t care what other people think. Your style is about making a statement. You are most at home in something with elements of grunge, rock, punk or even goths your style

Challenges  fitting in, wearing everyday clothes, keeping the establishment happy. Having said that, she doesn’t see these things as a challenge as she often does not care.

Perceived Personality Style  Anti-establishment,  wild and party loving. The metal, the ink and the leather, give people the impression that she is wild, that she is naughty and that she does not know how to behave in polite society. Aside from the fact, there is often nothing polite about polite society, she knows what she is doing and can drop the look, should she wish to. It’s just that she doesn’t wish to. She’s a real wild child often with a heart of gold.

Hair and Make-up

The Rebellious woman will have either very long wild hair or cropped even shaved hair. Her hair will likely be coloured to a very dark shade. Her make-up will be heavy and ornate. Lots of black eyeliner and dark lipstick or smokey eyes with pouting pinks and red lipsticks

To read more about the Rebellious woman, her style, the fabrics she chooses, how she incorporates the other personalities into her look and how to create a capsule for her. Read my Every Woman’s Guide to Personalities here.

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