What employers wished graduates knew


What Employers Wished Graduates Knew

Every year hundreds of thousands of graduates pour into the workforce with optimism and unbridled expectations of a glorious career ahead of them. Many employers these new graduates looking for the one or the many who can bring fresh energy to the workplace, Build the company and fill the gaps left by the departing employees of the year before.

#1- what do you wish new employees/graduates were aware of when they joined your company?

Company Knowledge 12% understanding actual company standards and not just industry standards

Daily Actions, 18% – not knowing what to do as a day to day task

Dress Sense 14% – not knowing how to dress at work, what is applicable

Etiquette 16% – not knowing business culture and etiquette, acting like they are still in a dorm room

Expectations 20% unrealistic expectations by the graduates can lead to disappointment, disillusionment and becoming disengaged from the work that they were employed to do.

Questioning 12% take the time to ask intelligent questions and not sit waiting to be told what to do

Theory Vs Practice 8% what they learn in college is not always how it works in reality

Transitioning from student life to corporate life is not as simple as passing an exam and getting a job. To some degree they are different worlds and the new graduate can very easily find themselves in a minefield of mistakes through their ignorance of how they are expected to look and behave in this new environment.

#2-what do you see the new employees/graduates doing that you wish they wouldn’t?

Know-It-All  40% Arrogance – Don’t assume that because you have a degree you know it all.  Keep a balance between what learnt at Uni and the ‘real world’

Rushing 15% So eager to please they forget to double check their work

Pretending 14% Spreading their allocated work task over the day and pretending to look busy.

Social Media 14% Spending too much time on Facebook and social media and taking selfies

Etiquette 14% fail to pick up social cues from others about how the room is used and how others behave in the office

Uncategorised 4% spending all their salaries in advance on big ticket items before they establish their employment position and a Lack of resilience

#3 – What advice would you give a new employee/graduate when they are interviewing for a position?

Preparation 28% preparation, preparation, preparation

Responses 25% think about the question you are asked and be honest in your response

Interview Tips 16% arrive early, rested, speak confidently and shake hands

Company Knowledge 16% research the company, don’t just read the website

Dress Sense 15% dress to suit the job, not your mood.
Final Word

Always do what you say you are going to do

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