What is a neutral colour and does it suit everyone



Neutrals – they are those ‘colours’ that go with everything else. They can be worn alone, or can be the bridge between two colors , that when placed too close to each other can and will clash. Kind of like younger siblings.

Whilst black and white are not technically colours I add them into this mix. I consider the following colours neutrals black, grey, navy, denim, olive, all shades of brown from deep to beige and, of course, cream and white.

Neutrals are very quiet and generally do not have a lot to say as an outfit. These are great to wear and are very dignified as a colour group. People who have a dramatic personality will tend to wear black and white. People who are classic personality will opt for the navy blue and cream combinations. People who have a natural personality will favour the earthy tones. feminine nad romantics will struggle with neutrals and will really only wear the shades of light to mid grey and blues. They really prefer blues soft colours. The Elegant Chic personality will be found wearing shades of camel and finally the rebellious will be in black, plain and simple.

For some people this colour scheme will look fantastic and this will be if there is very little ‘colour’ to your appearance. Or if your colouring falls naturally into the neutral shades. Unless you have highly coloured or red/auburn hair, your hair will fall into the neutral shades. Unless you have reddy, rosy or ruddy skin, that too falls into the neutral categories and finally if you have brown eyes, those are also neutral.

So in actuality it is the person with red or golden blonde hair who has green or blue eyes that does not look great in pure neutrals. They have a higher level of colour contrast, as described in my last colour article and they will look best if they wear their neutrals with at least one colour, ideally two for them.

Neutrals plus one is the name I give to the colour scheme which brings a bit more colour into a set of neutrals. It is not very colourful but it is often a little more interesting and generally has a bit more to ‘say. Like neutrals, it is a very easy and popular colour scheme to wear. Most people can wear this scheme effectively.

For some people neutrals make them shine and for others they hide behind them. Get to know what suits you and play with it.

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