What is Colour Contrast?

Colour Contrast
The whole concept of colour contrast is one which can make many heads spin. Have you noticed though how some people look amazing in loads of colours and you just can’t pull it off?
Have you seen some of your friends wear head to toe neutrals and look stunning while on you they drain all living colour from you. Well the answer is precisely that. The clothes that you wear need to support your colour and not drain it.
The mor colour that makes up your colouring, the more colours that you can wear.
The first column of girls are low or basically ‘no colour’ women. They have neutral shaded hair, skin and eyes. There is nothing golden, caramel, honeyed, pink, red or bronzed to their skin. Their eyes are not shades of blue, green, lilac, caramel or gold and their hair does not have hues of honey, gold, red, auburn, caramel in their hair. It is either flat black, mouse brown  or ash blonde. Don’t get me wrong, not having any of these attributes does not make them any less attractive, it just means they are going to shine in neutrals and monochromatic colour schemes. By monochromatic I mean the true version of the word and that is one colour, not black or white.
The girls represented in the middle of the image are the medium colour contrast. They are generally only one element of colour to their hair, skin or eyes. Most caucasian’s have a neutral skin, unless they have a very ruddy complexion. Darker skins often have a golden, bronze or warm richness to the complexion which, for this instance, I will refer to as a colour. Purely for the purposes of defining neutrality or colour in fashion. Sadly it has been used negatively historically and I do hope no one reads it as such in this instance. When you have one element of colour to your complexion you will look best in low colour combinations. One coloured element in your outfit with two neutrals is ideal.
The final combination includes those people who have high colour. They have two or more elements of their appearance which is coloured. Red hair with blue or green eyes is a prime example of this. These women are simply drained when they wear neutrals but put them into a riot of colour and they come alive. They style of pattern comes down to other aspects of the personality but how you wear colour is really dependant on your personal colouring.
I know for myself, at the moment, my hair is a neutral shade of brown so my colour combinations are lower than when it had golden and caramel highlights in it a few weeks ago.
Have fun with your wardrobe. Play with colour and discover are you better in colour or do you come alive in neutrals. Beware of not falling into a fashion trap of I’ve always done this and everyone said I look best in one colour. It may be someone else’s preference and not your best style.
For more information on colour read the Everywoman’s Guide to Personal Colour.


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