What is your body shape?

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No one wants to be called a brick. Your shape is gorgeous and you should celebrate it.

Body Shapes

Everyone is different. Unless you have two identical twins side by side, and even then, there may be a difference. No one’s body is the same as another person’s.

To get started I let’s discuss the basic body shapes.

Champagne Glass – This person is basically straight up and down. They hardly have a defined waist and their shoulders and hips are in line. They come in two basic forms the leaner champagne glass and the standard body shape.

Cocktail Glass -This girl has curves. Her waist is defined and she is fullest at her hips or thighs, which impacts on her clothing choices.

Margarita Glass – This girl has boobs. I like to say she was made by man or made by God. Which will impact greatly on how she chooses to dress her upper body.

Martini Glass – The prominent shoulders of this woman are obvious. Her hips are smaller than the outer silhouette of her shoulders and her waist is either equal to her hips or smaller than her hips.

Ruby Red Wine Glass – This woman is full-bodied and luscious. She carries her weight in her middle and her waist is fuller than her hips.

White Wine Glass – This woman carries her weight on her thighs and hips. Her hips  and//or thighs are wider than her shoulders. Do not expect because you feel you are carrying weight on your thighs that this is your shape, often when I do the sticker test, the hips appear to be fuller, but are not actually.

Sticker Test

There are many ways to determine your body shape.

How to determine your body shape
How to determine your body shape

For me, the most telling method, with the greatest accuracy is the sticker test. I want to know what the full frontal outline of your body looks like as well as the lateral view. Lateral being the side on view.

I have seen a girl being measured in a  shopping centre make-over event. From front of, I could see she went basically straight up and down.

You will see from this image below how to assign the stickers to discern your shape.

Getting someone to help you. Attach a sticker to the wall at the outer point of your shoulder. Not the fullest part of your upper arm but where a seam would sit on the edge of your shoulder for a sleeve.

Place a second sticker in line with the smallest part of your waist and finally a third sticker on the outer part of your thigh. Drop a line and see whether you can see if you have a waist, if your shoulders and hips are in line or which is wider, your shoulders, or your hips.

If this does not work you can do the quiz here to decipher your body shape.

For more information on your body shape and how to dress it read my Every Woman’s Guide to Body Shapes