What to do if you have deep colouring

The person with deep colouring will generally have dark hair skin and eyes. They will look fabulous in deep and dark tones with an pop element to lighten their appearance. When you look at these colours the first thing you will notice is depth before anything else. Look for colours with deep toning and a medium to low contrast .
At least two elements of this person’s colouring, that is their eyes, hair or skin rates above 7 in the value scale. They have depth and mystery to their colouring..


Deep colouring


Best Colour – When you are looking for colours to wear, look for anything which has depth and strength to it. Nothing soft or overly vibrant for you. They may be deep and warm or deep and cool, but they cannot be deep and light. If you have bright eyes with deep hair and skin you may find that a pop of vibrant colour will look great. Just a pop though. Nothing too overly bright. It will steal the richness of your colouring.

Hair tones will be deep and dark and rich. The lightest highlight you can do is a caramel without loosing the depth in your colouring.

Polyvore image created by Diana Lambert a past student
Polyvore image created by Diana Lambert a past student

Best Jewellery -You will suit deep and rich pieces that have depth and substance. Nothing too light or flimsy.
Best Neutrals -Again, your best neutrals will be deep. Lights neutral clothing, even in summer, just wont work on you.
Famous Deeps are Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey and Megan Gale

If you hvae a male deep in your home, he too, like the female deep will look best in strong and dark colours.

Mysterious men


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