What to do if you have light colouring

Back in June, I discussed with you how to tell if you had light or dark colouring.

This post is to get greater clarity on what light and dark combinations to wear. Today I am sharing with you, how to dress if you are all over light. That means on the grey scale your hair skin and eyes all fall into the categories of 8, 9 or 10. From my past two posts on your personal colouring, you will already know if you are warm or cool.

So let’s look at the next element of your colouring and what to do if you are overall light. You have light hair, skin and eyes, then you will positively shine in clothing that is light and almost ethereal.

When you look at these colours you will notice how light you are before you notice anything else about your colour.

Light colouring


This colour group person is often deemed to be very elegant and quietly sophisticated as it takes confidence not to wear deep or garish colours when your colouring is so subdued. It is often thought that lights are mostly the elderly but that is not the case here. A surprising light is Pamela Anderson if you see her without make-up. Many of the young pop stars are light like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani. Another couple of notable lights are Cate Blanchett and Naomi Watts

diana-coolPolyvore image by Diana Lambert – a student from her final colour assignment. When you open your wardrobe, this is the overall feeling that you want to get.

Best Colours   You will look gorgeous in light colours, pastels and anything that does not have a value above 7 in reality. Blacks will sit on you. They will not suit you, nor will they support you and look any better.

Hair tones will be ash, blonde, the darkest blonde, not even a technical light brown will really make it.  If your eyes have some depth you will truly need alabaster skin and very light hair.

Exquisite male


Best Jewellery -You will suit all the light stones and any gold and silver that is delicate in design and not heavy.

Best Neutrals -Again, you do not suit black. I think of blondes in black as bobble heads. I’m really sorry if that is you as you read this. Lose the black and start looking for softer tones. I believe you should go no darker than your darkest element in your hair skin or eyes, by no more than 2 value points.

Should you want any more information about colour – You can download my colour book here or call me if you would like to have your own colour consultation. These can be done live or online via skype.