What to do if you have pure and clear colouring


Pure Colouring


The woman with pure or bright colouring will love bold bright colours. Anything soft or subdued on her will have her fade away into insignificance and make her appear ill. You will love high contrast, stark and strong colours.

When we start looking at the colouring  style of person who fits this category we are looking for a person with high contrast in their personal colouring.

Many Hollywood starlets will appear in photographs as if they fit this group due to the amount of make-up and airbrushing applied to their images. Elizabeth Taylor, however was always naturally bright in colouring, with her extremely dark hair, pale skin and piercing blue/violet eyes. it is the vividness of a person’ eyes. or the alabaster skin with dark hair which often places them in this group.        

Best Colours – The purest colours shine on you. Fire engine reds, pure blues, winter greens, whites, daffodil yellows even hot orange, depending, of course, on whether you are warm or cool. I find that many Pures, tend to swing comfortably between warm and cool so this may be the one and only cool who can wear an orange, as long as it is a pure orange.

Hair tones will be platinum, ebony, fire-engine red and ruby red. Rarely will this woman’s hair colour be natural, with the exception of the pale skinned, blue eyed, raven haired Irish man and women.

Best Jewellery -You will suit.sparkly lively jewellery.

Best Neutrals -Strong colours. No going safe for you. Blacks, pure greys, pure camels, pure blue’s french navy. I hope you are getting the picture, do not soften your image.

Famous Pure’s are: young Elizabeth Taylor, Courtney Cox, Katy Perry(with wig and make-up) and Anne Hathaway with dark hair. Many more men appear in this group naturally than women do.

dramatic male colours


If you would like to know more about your own personal colouring book a consultation with Clare. You can also get to know the personality of your colouring here by doing the quiz here. This quiz is for both men and women.