What to do if your colouring is neither warm, cool, light or dark. You are muted.


Muted Colouring


This is an often overlooked colour group. This is where you find people who are neither light or dark, they are not truly overly warm or cool and especially they are not pure. It is one of my largest colour groups that I work with as well. As it can be cool and muted, warm and muted, light and muted and deep and muted. They just cannot be pure and muted.

When you look at these colours you will notice a muted tone to the colour. They are toned as opposed to shaded. They are neither light nor dark.

They will have a medium contrast.

This is due to either the ageing process which does soften our colouring or the mixing of races and the resulting blending of normally strong colouring patterns.

The muted group are a colour group which will be hard to pinpoint in magazines as they are often airbrushed to lighten or brighten their colouring.


Best Colours – Any shade which is soft. Like your colouring it doesn’t have any harsh edges to it. Teals, Sage, mushroom, light olive even apricot and turquoise feature in this group.

Hair tones will be high lighted. There is a natural leaning of this group to having multi tonal hair. The softness of their colouring lends them to blonde and caramel and auburn highlights. These women can and will be a version of warm and cool. They will not be cut and dried with their colouring and, if this is you, will be really undecided which way suits you the best. Be cautious of the warm, giving warmth to your colouring. Look at which soft colours make you look alive and give clarity to your eye colour and softness to the whites of your eyes.

Best Jewellery -You will suit mixes of gold and silver more than wearing just one or the other.

Best Neutrals -As you will see, anything which is softer in its colour. 

Males in this colour group will often find they wear stronger colours than necessary when working in the corporate sector otherwise they can appear to fade away. Many Natural Personality men will embrace this colour palette without caring if it suits them or not.

intriguing male


If you would like to know about your personal colouring contact Clare for your own personal colour analysis. This can be done in person or via skype.