What’s My Branding and Etiquette IQ

1.  How do you make a proper introduction between 2 people? 
2. You are invited to a corporate sporting box–what do you wear?
3. The second most popular colour for men is
4. A person who is uncomfortable in a room full of people will stand with their feet facing
5. How quickly are 1st impressions formed
6. In a business environment who should open the door for whom?
7. To have the greatest impact in the workplace you should wear clothing which 
8. It is important that you buy clothing which suits and supports
9. What constitutes a good handshake?
10. What is the standard universal measure for tipping?
11.  When talking on your mobile phone which is the most acceptable?
12. When somebody proposes a toast in your honour at a function you should
13.  The least powerful place to sit in a meeting is
14. Emoticons in a business e-mail are?
15. At what point should you say your name when answering you phone?
16. Before you start eating you meal your napkin should be
17. Eye contact should be maintained for_________________ in any one on one conversation
18. At a networking event who do you give your business card to?
19. How close should you stand to a person in a private conversation?
20. At a formal table setting the bread and butter plate will be found