What’s New in 2017

2017 - A new year

Now that we are two weeks into 2017, I have to ask you. How are those New years resolutions holding up for you? I made it really easy for myself this year. I made the same resolution as last year. I resolved to focus forward, give the best service I can to my clients and to be kind to myself. Oh, and to dance more. So, guess what…it has been a cinch for me to hold onto those resolutions.

To know if I am on track, I have to ask you. What can I do to help you this year?

Would you prefer my newsletters went into a blog format that you could subscribe to?

Would you be interested in joining me monthly or fortnightly on a style chat call?

Would you be interested in me giving you, personally, monthly style updates, recommendations for your wardrobe and daily style inspiration?

To turn this into a full on blog – I’d need to set up a new website, but if you believe you would interact more, then I’ll look into that.

I am considering setting up a Style Chat line either Monday evenings or Wednesday mornings. Either through hangouts or webinar jam. I want you to be able to easily chat with me, ask questions and get your style questions answered.

If you are interested in daily tips and monthly recommendations, that would require a membership fee of $9 per month. With each month you would get personalised advice from me based on the results from your quizzes. Daily inspirational messages for your style. Weekly how-to tips to help you sort, style and build your wardrobe. As well as access to all of my books and programs over the coming months. The first 10 women to jump on this program will get a half hour skype call with me.

Remember, if you want to know more about yourself, I have a whole suite of quizzes you can complete. Click on the link above to access all of them.