What’s your Colour Personality


There is so much said about our personalities and our values and I must admit, I can never get enough of all of it.

The colours we select will relate back to our style personality to some degree, but they can be completely removed from that personality and can often confuse those around us.

We are never simply one personality style, hence I love spending hours with a client delving down into what really makes them tick. Having said that, though, I thought I would share with you here what the colours you are most comfortable in are saying about you.

Let’s start with the Artistic Colour Personality. You love to have fun. You like to intrigue and to create interest in what you are wearing. This does not mean that your personality is completely creative. You might be the style of person who wears very simple clothing, but you ensure that your colours are lively and loads of fun. You will wear neutrals under sufferance.

The Bold Colour Personality. Ah, you like to be noticed. You wear bold, dark and strong. You will love a pop of neon. You are no shrinking violet and the colours that you wear shout a big hello to the world, look at me, I’m here. You love fashion and you love looking fabulous. You will never be seen in dull or sombre tones. The only time you will wear low contrast is when it is black on black or white on white, otherwise, you are high contrast all of the way.

The Nautical Colour Personality is fun loving and lively. The colours they are attracted to fulfil their delight in lively activities and an energetic lifestyle. They love to mix and mingle and are very sociable. Their colours are generally medium contrast and there will always be a neutral with generally only one colour. Their neutrals are white and navy as opposed to blacks or olives yet they might slip into camel with a peach or orange accent.

The Relaxed Colour Personality is worn by the person who finds comfort in nature. The thought of wearing anything which looks unnatural just sounds ridiculous to these people. It does not mean that they insist on wearing hemp at any given opportunity. These people simply have a quiet, naturalist personality that is most at home in the colours of nature. They will be most at home in low to medium contrast clothing.

The Romantic Colour Personality is preferred by those people who have a soft caring side to their nature. They love the warmth of all of the soft colours this palette relates to and they will find that they have an air of gentility to them. There is nothing really high contrast, brash or even overly earthy about this personality. It welcomes affection and warmth .

Lastly, there is the Timeless Colour Personality. Here we have the person who plays by the rules. Fashion may be just too much for them so they have found a solution. Keep it simple and wear mostly neutrals. They can’t get into too much trouble that way. They may also be the type of person who doesn’t want to think about clothing. Navy’s, creams, red and brown are a very simple solution.

Keep in mind that the colours that you prefer are only one part of the personality process that is used when discerning a person’s style. The colours that you select say something about your personality but not everything about your style. They just explain why you dress in the colours that you chose. Your style personality will explain to you why you chose the styles that you do and you could find that your clothing personality is completely different to your colour personality, yet both will relate back to your values.

It is not that uncommon to find a Natural Style Person wearing Timeless Colours. Or perhaps a Classic personality style wearing the Artistic palette.

To understand your Colour Personality you can click through this link and do the quiz here. This quiz is suited to both men and women to complete.

If this all sounds too hard, just give me a call and I can help you in a live or skype consultation.