What’s Your Intention


Every day you have choice. You can chose to see what the day brings you or you can intentionally set goals and outcomes. It might be to walk the dog, or it might be to complete a major project.

No matter how big or small your plan is, it is better to intend to do something, even if it is Sunday and you intend to do nothing. Doing nothing, can be a goal, as long as it is part of the bigger picture to achieve something.

Our sense of well being is linked to our sense of confidence and accomplishment. So whilst there are some who never plan anything, who never achieve anything and say that that was they planned to do, then in the next breathe complain that life has passed them by. Well they can feel somewhat proud that they achieved their goal of nothing.

Life needs moments of action and inaction. Just get the mix right and all that you plan to achieve and succeed will happen intenionally. So, for those odd days that you plan to do nothing enjoy.

At least at the end of the day you can go to bed happy, knowing you did all that you intended to do and the day was a success.

Intend to Succeed
Intend to Succeed

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