When the shoes doesn’t fit

When the shoes doesn't fit

Many times in my professional career as an Image Consultant I am faced with clients trying hard to fit into a world which clearly does not fit them.

It is important that you do things in life that you feel comfortable with, that fit with you. Now I know sometimes we need to take on tasks that are not ideal, so take the time to find an element of pleasure in the task. Find something in your life that makes you feel alive.

Often times I find clients chose a career or way of life based on how everyone else ‘sees’ them. It might be their family, their friends, their co-workers even their teachers. When they get to me and we peel away some layers to reveal and encourage the real them to emerge, their whole being comes alive. It might not even mean changing careers, it may simply be changing the way they look to express who they truly are inside.

Whatever is going on in your life. If you feel that the shoes you are wearing, are not quite right. Take them off. Because walking around in shoes which do not fit only give you sore feet and a bad attitude.

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