Where do I place a name badge

Wear your name badge where it can be read easily.
Wear your name badge where it can be read easily.

Name badge tips

Where possible follow these tips when wearing a name badge.

  • On your right shoulder – the thought process here is twofold. As we shake hands the eye will travel up the arm and see your name as it scans across to your face. Thereby bringing your name into association with your face better. Secondly, as we read from left to right  (yes this is different for those who read from right to left but as this workbook is in English you are reading from left to right) you will look at everything in a clockwise direction and therefore you want to read a name badge again before you see the face for greater memory and recognition. I refer to the left side as the decorative side and your right as your primary side.
  • Pinned high up close to your shoulder
  • Do not pin it down onto your breast  – do you seriously want people checking your breasts out under the guise of reading your name?
  • What about for men? – Men will pin their name badge to their breast pocket of their suit or their shirt pocket. In either case it is generally lower as they do not have to worry about the naming of their breasts.

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