Which neckline and shoes suit my face?

When it comes to choosing clothes, our face has a huge impact on what works and what doesn’t work.

There are many face shapes out there and to cover them all in this short post would be too difficult, so I will simply cover the styles of shoes and necklines which will suit everyone.

Necklines need to balance with our face and jawline. One element if the depth. It should be the same depth as your forehead hairline to your chin, repeated.

Facial balance points

We create balance with our face when we place items around our neck at the right distance. Balance point number one is the easiest one to recreate. The first balanced point will exist when you measure from the forehead to the chin. This distance, when recreated from the chin down, will be your first balance point. This point is ideal for necklines and for jewelry. The pendant placed at this exact point we’ll see perfectly with your facial features.

The second balance point can be trickier to find. Technically you’ll find this point when you measure from the widest point of your face to your chin line. This measurement should be repeated from the top of your shoulders down as you’ll see in the below image. The top of your shoulder is best found by hanging a chain around your neck. It is at that point that you measure from. As you will see with my necklace.

Variations on the second balanced point can be found by halving the figure of the first balanced point and again taking this measurement from the chin.This can be the difference of a pendant sitting perfectly around a person’s neck to a piece that is slightly out of balance.

Which necklines will suit you?

which neckline suits my face shape women

To know what sort of neckline suits you the best, have a look at your jawline. The following images illustrate that when your neckline is in harmony with your jawline, everything flows. Should you find you have a top that is not in line with your facial features, you can create a similar effect by adding a camisole, scarf or jacket.

Your neckline should flow with your jaw to create a harmony of line. The three main jawlines are:


which shoe suits my face

Shopping for shoes is as simple as looking at the nose on your face and the shape of your chin. Your shoes are important to your outfit, for the right shoes bring your whole outfit together and create a focal loop that gets you to look from the shoes to the face in one sweep.

These three girls are examples of what to look for. The first girl has fine features and a pointed chin. Her shoes should be pointed with fine features. The middle girl has square features, so she will want that squareness in her shoes. The girl on the far right has rounded features and a rounded chin, so her shoes will look perfect if they have a rounded finish to the decoration or the toe.

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