Which Swimsuit Suits Your Body Shape?

Rarely do you hear a woman shout – “Woohoo, I need a new swimsuit”.

No matter what shape we are. There is something soul-destroying about going into a brightly lit cubicle, often in winter -as we often take sun filled breaks in winter and stripping down to our pale skin. The idea of disrobing in a tiny cubicle is fraught with fear – How am I going to look?.  Maybe I should just cover up? Will anyone think I am too old for this? Will my kids laugh at me? Will my partner laugh at me? Does my bum look big in this? The often overlooked question that should be asked is – Will this swimsuit hold up in water? Will it go see through?

How am I going to look? – The reality is, the more confident you are the better you will look. Who cares, you are on holidays. Have fun. Maybe I should just cover up? Will anyone think I am too old for this? Will my kids laugh at me? Will my partner laugh at me? Does my bum look big in this?

Maybe I should just cover up? Get real! Really! Get yourself to beaches all over the globe, confident women are swimming in all sorts of outfits. Relax and enjoy yourself.Will anyone think I am too old for this? Will my kids laugh at me? Will my partner laugh at me? Does my bum look big in this?

Will anyone think I am too old for this? The fact that you are asking that question always tells me that you definitely do not have to worry. You won’t be looking out of place.Will my kids laugh at me? Will my partner laugh at me? Does my bum look big in this?

Will my kids laugh at me? Seriously, will your kids notice? They will just be glad to have Mum with them, or depending on their age, they will be more focused on getting away from Mum and that has nothing to do with your swimsuit.

Will my partner laugh at me? If your partner laughs, start shopping for a new partner, not a new swimsuit. Unless of course you come out with a pair of floaties around your upper arms to keep your body afloat and your hair out of the water, then a chuckle is OK.

Does my bum look big in this? Who cares!


So let’s get down to looking at what you should wear for your body shape. If you don’t know your body shape do the quiz first.

Champagne – Rectangle Shape

Champagne woman, swimsuits

You have a body shape with very little waist definition. It could even be described as boyish.Whether you are slender or carrying a little weight, you will always look your most appealing on the beach in something which gives yo the illusion of a waist.

Look for styles where the pattern creates a waist definition, as in the first swimsuit, or there is a belt or cut out that crosses the middle of your body as in the second the swimsuit, or even something which has a solid panel down the centre or maybe even on the edges of the swimsuit. By playing up your shoulders your waist will automatically appear narrower and finally, if you can rock a two piece, then boy legs and bandeau tops will work best on your shape.

Cocktail/Hourglass shape
Cocktail woman swimwear

Your shape is considered an hourglass, you have curves and a waist. You will look amazing in a 1950’s bikini, a simple bra style top, a triangle top or even a simple one piece.

Avoid the boy leg or the bandeau top without straps, Your breasts could end up looking like they are sitting around your middle.

Even swimsuits which are gathered at the middle can give the illusion of an even smaller waist.

Full busted with small hips.
Margarita Woman - Swimsuit

Your most defining feature is your bust. Like the curves of a margarita glass. You are going to look hot on the beach. You will need supportive swimsuits though. So you will need tops with underwire. You might prefer to rock the tankini rather than the one piece.

This is something you need to invest wisely in. Make sure it flaunts your curves and holds everything else in place.

Remember as I say in my book, ‘Getting Gorgeous’ How do you look amazing all the time on the beach? Grab a great hat.

Inverted triangle with pronounced shoulders. 
Martini Woman swimsuits

Your most defining features are your strong shoulders and your slim hips. It is up to you whether you want to flaunt your shoulders or not. If that is the last thing on your mind then follow the example of these image and place focus on the bottom half or the centre of your swimsuit.

 Round or O shape
Rub Red Wine Woman -swimsuits

You are full bodied and luscious. Like a lovely glass of rich Merlot. Well you may not slip into an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-bikini, but you will look gorgeous and feel very comfortable in something that has maybe fringing, ruching, a skirt or diagonal panels in the design.

 Triangle/A shape/ Pear
White Wine woman -swimsuits

You are the shape of many women. You will feel bottom heavy. Now you may love or loathe your bum and your hips. THat is completely up to you. If you wish to conceal them you want to look for a swimsuit that brings the focus up. This can be achieved through verticals, bust positioned patterns or even upward diagonals.

Shopping for a swimsuit needs to suit your personality and your body shape. Here is a great tip though that I got from a store recently. As hard as it might be to take the swimsuit which is firmer, it is a good idea as they do stretch in the water and after a few wears, they can become looser than you really want. Especially in a swimsuit.
So go on ladies get out there and have some fun.
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