Working with your Contrast levels Part 3

In the final piece of the puzzle it is important to take into consideration, your own colouring and how low contrast is not necessarily just light with light clothing.

This final article shares with you how the same garments can be worn in a multitude of ways to create low, medium and high contrast for light, medium and dark combinations.

Value Contrast outfits

Generally speaking, if your hair registers more than 7 you will be considered light, if it registers lower than 4 you will be considered deep. If you hair is generally *mousey in appearance (it will fall into the values of 5 or 6), you are most likely going to fall into the middle group and you will only be able to wear high contrast with the aid of make-up.

*This is me, so I hope I am not offending anyone else. I know my natural colour is not exceptional, so I play with colour in my make-up, hair and clothing to bring my best out at all times.

These numbers refer back to the chart used in the first part of this 3 part article on how to wear your contrast.

If you would like to know about your personal colouring you can read about it in my Every Woman’s Guide to Personal Colour


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