Working with your own Personal Contrast levels

Your personal contrast levels can allow you to almost wear any colour as long as you are wearing it in your proper level of contrast.

Some will say to apply your contrast level throughout your outfit. I prefer to ask you to consider your portrait area first and foremost. Generally, we are sitting more than standing in front of a group and we want the area visible above the table to reflect our correct level of contrast. Therefore when you are sitting at your desk your outfit will look perfect and in harmony with you.

Working with the contrast tool from the previous article on colour contrast you will see that the girls with low contrast are both low and actually light, but that is another element. Their hair skin and eyes barely differ in value. You will notice the necklaces and accompanying tops are very close in colour and provide very little contrast to each other. I sometimes refer to contrast as how much light and dark exists between the colours/shades.

Value contrast


The middle images of the girls and the corresponding tops with necklaces are medium. Their hair and skin are a few shades from each other. There is a definite light and medium dark between each. Notice how in this top image the red and black top appear to be high contrast due to the intense colours.

It is not as high contrast as the last set of images which are high contrast, or the Snow White effect. Dark hair and very pale skin. They often also have deep, dark or piercing eyes.Notice how in this top image the red and black top appear to be high contrast due to the intense colours.

Look below and you will see that the true value of the colour is only medium. However, with the high contrast woman the black and red work very well together.BWvalue-contrast

Watch this short video I did a few years ago explaining contrast. And yes, I know, the sound gets a bit dodgy mid way.

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